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A true postharvest professional

On 21 March 2017, Postharvest Specialist Roseline Marealle travelled to Kigali, Rwanda to participate in a workshop on “Postharvest Technologies for Perishable Crops” for a small group of young horticultural professionals. During the event she received the Kader Award from the Postharvest Education Foundation (PEF) in recognition for her outstanding effort in providing education to local farmers, traders, processors and marketers and helping them to reduce food losses. Lisa Kitinoja, PEF founder, presented the award.

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How to produce the best dried vegetables

Short growing seasons limit the availability of vegetables in many locations in Africa and Asia. The World Vegetable Center is tackling this problem by promoting consumption of dried vegetables when fresh vegetables are in short supply. --MORE--

WorldVeg staffer wins postharvest award

WorldVeg Eastern and Southern Africa Postharvest Research Associate/Nutritionist Roseline Marealle recently received the 2016 Kader Award for Postharvest Training from the Postharvest Education Foundation. The foundation presents the award to an outstanding graduate e-learner or a team of e-learners after the successful completion of a year of training on commodity systems assessment, small-scale postharvest handling practices, postharvest demonstration design, postharvest training program design, and cost/benefit analysis. -- MORE --

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Success with pickles!

Share the joy of accomplishment with the UMANGU Women's Group from Ngurdoto village, Arumeru District, Tanzania! The group processes and sells mango pickle, and their product is gaining popularity among local consumers.

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