Projects in 2020

Veggies 4 Planet & People (V4P&P)IKEA Foundation2020 - 2025
Multi-location evaluation of chili lines carrying different combinations of pvr and Cvr genes for resistance to Chilli veinal mottle virus (ChiVMV)Asia & Pacific Seed Association consortium member companies2020 - 2022
Chili Leaf Curl Disease in Asia: Diversity and resistanceAsia & Pacific Seed Association consortium member companies 2020 - 2023
Mung4Fe - Development of Iron Dense Mungbean Genotypes for Nutrition Security in Drought-Prone Areas of East Africa African Union Commission2019 - 2021
Research on tomatoes, chili, eggplant and spinach under various test conditions with different agronomic treatmentsAgrinos Pvt.Ltd.2019 - 2020
APSA-WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding ConsortiumAsia and Pacific Seed Association2017 - 2023
Establishing the International Mungbean Improvement NetworkAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research2016 - 2020
Improved mungbean harvesting and seed production systems for Bangladesh, Myanmar, and PakistanAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research2017 - 2021
Diversify and improve household incomes and tackle malnutrition in cocoa communities through vegetable home gardens in GhanaBarry Callebaut2018 - 2020
Diversify and improve household incomes and tackle malnutrition in cocoa communities through vegetable home gardens in CameroonBarry Callebaut2019 - 2020
Implementing market-driven vegetable agricultural service providers (ASPs) linking smallholder farmers to services and marketsBelgian Government2017 - 2021
Urban Food Markets in Africa - Incentivizing food safetyBill & Melinda Gates Foundation2019 - 2022
Nudging children toward healthier food choices: An experiment combining school and home gardensBill & Melinda Gates Foundation2018 - 2020
Improved Livelihoods through Crop Diversification into Vegetables in Jharkhand and Odisha under the Central India InitiativeCollectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI)2016 - 2020
Research Infrastructure Modernization (RIM) - Phase 1Council of Agriculture, Taiwan2018 - 2021
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute - Field Trials in Thailand Council of Agriculture, Taiwan2019 - 2020
New Southboudn Policy - tomato trials for Hualien DARES in Thailand and IndiaCouncil of Agriculture, Taiwan2019 - 2020
Facilitating Development of Taiwan's Agro-Industry in New Southbound Policy CountriesCouncil of Agriculture, Taiwan2019 - 2020
Characterization and Evaluation of Genetic Resources of Minor Pulses for Crop ImprovementDepartment of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi2018 - 2021
Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous cropsEuropean Commission2016 - 2021
Resist Detect Protect: Wide spectrum insect resistance and sound management strategies to sustainably manage insect pests on Solanaceous vegetables in South AsiaFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany2017 - 2020
Amazing Amaranth: Hardy and nutritious amaranth lines and food practices to improve nutrition in East AfricaFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany2018 - 2021
Teach and Text: Combining on-farm demonstration and phone messaging to scale vegetable IPM in CambodiaFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany2019 - 2020
Technical partnership to support the Green Innovation Centre for the Agriculture and Food Sector, IndiaFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany2019 - 2020
Expert Consultation Meeting for Global Cucurbitacea Crop Conservation StrategyGlobal Crop Diversity Trust2019 - 2020
Carrot Germplasm Development and Farmer Training for Production in Stressful Environments in TaiwanGlobal Crop Diversity Trust2018 - 2020
Implementation support on High Value Agriculture (HVA) through demonstration, research studies, technical support and capacity building on various vegetables and horticulture crops under the JOHAR projectGovernment of Jharkhand, India2018 - 2023
Improving Mungbean (Green Gram) and Vegetable Cowpea Productivity in Karnataka State under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana SchemeGovernment of Karnataka (GoK), India2018 - 2020
Onion Value Chain Improvements in Odisha - Phase IIGovernment of Odisha, India2019 - 2020
Evaluation of tomato and amaranth genetic resourcesJapan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences2019 - 2020
Selection of tropically adapted lines of vegetables to improve productivity of the vegetable value chain in Myanmar and VietnamMinistry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan 2018 - 2020
Disease Resistant Tomato and Pepper for Taiwan and the Philippines (DRTPTP)Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan2019 - 2022
Cool peppers for climate-resilient Capsicum production in TaiwanMinistry of Science and Technology, Taiwan2018 - 2021
Disease-resistant tomato for Taiwan and the PhilippinesMinistry of Science and Technology, Taiwan2019 - 2022
Fine mapping of the late blight resistance genes derived from Solanum pimpinellifolium accession VI030462Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan 2018 - 2021
Phenotypic evaluation of the Vavilov mungbean accessions in TaiwanMinistry of Science and Technology, Taiwan 2018 - 2020
 Angkor Salad: Satellite-derived data to inform and improve agricultural productionNetherlands Space Office2018 - 2021
Broadening the narrow genetic base of commercial bitter gourd cultivars by exploiting the genetic diversity of WorldVeg's breeding linesPrivate seed companies2017 - 2020
Genetically diverse and superior WorldVeg bitter gourd lines and F1 hybrids for sustainable bitter gourd breeding gains and enhanced profitability of smallholder farmersPrivate seed companies2019 - 2022
Development of vegetable (pepper and tomato) varieties in Asia with AFACI country membersRural Development Administration, Korea2019 - 2022
Establishment and operation of the World Vegetable Center Korea OfficeRural Development Administration, Korea2019 - 2024
Development of vegetable varieties in Asia (pepper and tomato) with AFACI country members Rural Development Administration, Korea2019 - 2022
Development of eggplant hybrid rootstocks for managing bacterial wilt in tomatoSing-Flow Seed Co. Ltd.2019 - 2023
Identifying, exploring and preserving diversity of beneficial arthropods for sustainable tomato productionSwedish Research Council2019 - 2021
Unleashing the economic power of vegetables in Africa through quality seed of improved varietiesUK aid2017 - 2020
Community Network for African vector borne plant viruses - High Throughput Sequencing for characterizing virus diversity in vegetable cropsUK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council2019 - 2020
Improving production of Solanum aethiopicum in AfricaUK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council2018 - 2021
Traditional African vegetables strengthen food and nutrition security in MadagascarUK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs2019 - 2022
Improving diet diversity among children aged 0-23 months in Mokolo, Far-North Region, CameroonUnited Nations Children's Fund2019 - 2020
Africa RISING: Vegetables and associated best management practices in cereal-based crop production systems to improve income and diets of rural and urban households in Northern Ghana and Southern MaliUnited States Agency for International Development2012 - 2020
Improving the nutritional status and income of smallholder farmer households through scaling improved, nutrient-dense traditional African vegetables in the Zanzibar IslandsUnited States Agency for International Development2018 - 2020
Tajikistan nutrition-sensitive vegetable technologies - Phase 2United States Agency for International Development2018 - 2020
Women in Agriculture Network (WAgN) Cambodia: Gender and Ecologically Sensitive AgricultureUnited States Agency for International Development2015 - 2020
Technical advisory assistance to Assam Agribusiness & Rural Transformation Project (APART) for Vegetable Value ChainsWorld Bank2018 - 2023
Technical partnership to support the Jharkhand Opportunities for Harnessing Rural Growth (JOHAR) ProjectWorld Bank2017 - 2023