It represents the hopes and desires of farmers who produce crops, and people like you, who consume those crops.

You can help conserve seed of traditional vegetables. How?

By making a donation through the World Vegetable Center Genebank Adopt-a-Seed website:


What is a traditional vegetable?

A traditional vegetable is one that’s easy to grow, nutritious, and popular among certain populations in specific locations. In one place it’s a favorite local food, while in another, due to a lack of knowledge about these valuable plants, it might be considered a weed.

Wherever they are gathered, grown and consumed, traditional vegetables help diversify production systems, farm income, and diets.

By adopting a traditional vegetable in the WorldVeg Genebank, you can help ensure the diversity of these special plants remains available and accessible to people around the globe.

Your support will fund collection, conservation, regeneration, and distribution of these very special species.