R & D

The World Vegetable Center strives to find an effective and appropriate balance between research to produce technologies, and development to ensure impact.

Our main research and development groups:

  • biotechnology/molecular breeding
  • entomology
  • genetic resources and genebank management
  • nutrition
  • plant breeding
  • plant pathology
  • postharvest
  • socioeconomics
  • technology dissemination

Supported by:

  • biometrics
  • communication and library services
  • grants and partnership development
  • information technology
  • finance
  • human resources


The Center’s work is built around three global flagships that address the entire vegetable value chain:

and one cross-cutting flagship,

All flagships interact with the WorldVeg Genebank

Innovation clusters

Each flagship is operationalized through two to four innovation clusters:

  • Urban and peri-urban systems
  • Off-season systems
  • Intensifying systems
  • Cereal-legume systems
  • Rural and urban gardens, nutrition, and health
  • Traditional vegetables to enrich diets
  • Vegetable biodiversity
  • High-performance vegetable lines
  • M&E and impact assessment
  • Capacity to innovate
  • Knowledge management