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WorldVeg featured on Taiwan TV

Sometimes the best things in the world can be found right in your own backyard! That's what Taiwan's UNIQUE Satellite Channel 58 discovered during a recent visit to World Vegetable Center headquarters in Shanhua, Tainan.

Success in the field and garden

In their own voices, women in India share stories of their progress in growing vegetables through skills learned in training programs hosted by WorldVeg and PRADAN with support from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

High quality onion production begins with high quality onion seed

Onion seed production is a challenging endeavor, but farmers in Cameroon are successfully producing certified seed with the guidance of the World Vegetable Center and PADFA (Projet d'Appui au Developpement Des Filieres Agricoles).

Postharvest practices increase vegetable exports in Bangladesh

Exports of cabbage, cauliflower and other vegetables from Jessore, Bangladesh are increasing as farmers use improved postharvest handling methods to protect the quality and freshness of their produce.

The VINESA Project: Access to Markets

Farmers are forming groups, learning how to grow, harvest and deliver quality produce for high-value markets, and finding new markets to tap through the VINESA project.


When people in Tanzania began producing vegetables for market sale through the VINESA project, many decided to include them in their own meals. Local diets are now more diverse and nutritious.