Taiwan seed companies see progress in the field

On 16 May 2017, the World Vegetable Center invited representatives from Taiwan seed companies, universities, and the Council of Agriculture to join in an “Information Exchange and Field Demonstration of Vegetable Breeding Research” at WorldVeg headquarters in Shanhua, Taiwan.

The 89 participants were first briefed on the Center’s progress in tomato breeding by Principal Research Assistant Grace Hsu, Research Assistant Shu-fen Lu, and Tomato Breeder Peter Hanson. The pepper breeding team—Assistant Specialist Susan Lin, Principal Research Assistant Vivian Wang and Pepper Breeder Sanjeet Kumar—presented a report on their work, followed by Associate Specialist Vicky Cheng and Cucurbit Breeder Narinder Dhillon, who discussed pumpkin and Japanese cucumber breeding activities.

The group then headed to the fields, where they saw preliminary yield trials of fresh market tomato lines with resistance to bacterial wilt, and dual-purpose tomato lines suitable for the fresh market and processing. Participants also examined and compared entries in the International Sweet and Chili Pepper Nurseries, and reviewed an advanced yield trial of cucumber.

WorldVeg is keen to establish a Vegetable Breeding Consortium with Taiwan seed companies through the Taiwan Seed Trade Association. Associate Specialist Mandy Lin and Deputy Director General – Administration & Services Yin-fu Chang presented a proposition to seed company representatives that will be used as a point of discussion to develop a consortium. Consortium members would receive early access to new breeding lines and a dedicated staff member to handle their questions and seed orders. In return, WorldVeg would receive feedback about the performance of its material in various locations, and about the use of its material in commercial seed production.


Story and photos: Vanna Liu, Maureen Mecozzi


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