A young farmer’s vision / Mungbean award / Seed for Svalbard

January/February 2020

Taller, heavier, hungrier

Can global agriculture meet our demand for more food? As Body Mass Index (BMI) rises, expect a marked increase in global calorie requirements.


Pumpkin Open Field Day

The WorldVeg pumpkin breeding program’s ultimate goal is to offer farmers improved, disease-resistant varieties – and reach more consumers with this nutritious vegetable.

Winning a grant for the greater good

Illumina awarded Dr. Roland Schafleitner and the International Mungbean Improvement Network (IMIN) the 12th annual Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant for generating genomic resources for mungbean breeding.


van Zonneveld M, Rakha M, Tan SY,  Chou YY,  Chang CH,  Yen JY,  Schafleitner R, Nair R, Naito K, Solberg SØ. 2020. Mapping patterns of abiotic and biotic stress resilience uncovers conservation gaps and breeding potential of Vigna wild relatives. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. 10:2111. PDF

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Shrestha RM, Schreinemachers P, Nyangmi MG, Sah M, Phuong J, Manandhar S, Yang RY. 2020. Home-grown school feeding: assessment of a pilot program in Nepal. BMC PUBLIC HEALTH. 20:28.   PDF

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POWER ON YOUR PLATE: An All-Africa Summit on Diversifying Food Systems with African Traditional Vegetables to Increase Health, Nutrition and Wealth

25-28 May 2020
Arusha, Tanzania




Victor Afari-Sefa, Derek Barchenger, Kathy Chen, Lutz Depenbusch, Narinder Dhillon, Regine Kamga, Sorawit Limsiriwat, Vanna Liu, Maureen Mecozzi, Roland Schafleitner, Pepijn Schreinemachers, Maarten van Zonneveld, Marco Wopereis, Paul Alhassan Zaato.


Support for World Vegetable Center activities provided by project donors and the following strategic long-term donors:

  • Republic of China (ROC)
  • UK aid
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
  • India
  • Germany
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Korea
  • Japan


The idea of putting a seed in the ground, nurturing it and watching it grow and bear fruit was fascinating for me and that sparked my passion. — Jude Adda, a young farmer in Ghana who is finding profit and satisfaction in producing peppers.

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