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WorldVeg and partners fight pests and diseases in the Pacific

WorldVeg Postdoc in Plant Pathology Marti Pottorff from WorldVeg East and Southeast Asia/Oceania and Project Coordinator Ellen Iramu from the Solomon Islands recently visited Fiji for discussions and training under the auspices of the project “Strengthening Integrated Crop Management (ICM) Research in the Pacific Islands in Support of Sustainable Intensification of High-Value Crop Production.” -- MORE --

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Agri-Food seminar celebrates college anniversary

Fenton Beed, WorldVeg Regional Director for East and Southeast Asia/Oceania, provided an overview of WorldVeg activities including advances in postharvest management as part of an Agri-Food seminar on "Innovation for sustainability: What can the Philippine-Netherlands partnership contribute?" on 10 March 2017 at the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA), Los Baños, Philippines. -- MORE --

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Partnership with HRDI to scale improved cucurbit lines

The Highland Research and Development Institute (HRDI), Thailand, a WorldVeg partner, hosted a 'Transfer of Technology' event in Huay Kayeang, Kanchanaburi Province on 15 March 2017 to showcase the superior performance of WorldVeg cucurbit lines to more than 300 farmers, who viewed the demonstration plots and sampled pumpkin fruit and other pumpkin treats. -- MORE --

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Understanding gender and power relations in home garden activities

How does home gardening fit into women's and men’s livelihood aspirations? Can home gardens address the nutritional deficiencies of household members in ways that empower women? Do men and women differ in their perceptions of the nutritional status of children? This study, undertaken as part of a collaboration between the World Vegetable Center (WorldVeg) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), aims to answer these questions and inform home garden scaling-up strategies, implementation processes, monitoring and evaluation.

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Promoting traditional vegetables in Papua New Guinea

Traditional vegetables once provided a large proportion of the daily protein, vitamin and mineral intake in Papua New Guinea. As the country becomes integrated with the global economy, however, people are consuming more imported processed foods and are eating more meat. Groups in PNG are working to promote consumption of traditional crops to improve nutrition and health. --MORE--

Hands-on grafting workshop in Thailand

The Horticulture Innovation Lab, Kasetsart University, and WorldVeg East and Southeast Asia in Thailand hosted a vegetable grafting workshop on 22-23 February 2017 for 30 participants from the private seed and nursery sector from Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Lao PDR. --MORE--

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