The AVRDC Genebank maintains a large collection of public domain germplasm for the current and future use of all humankind. We distribute seed samples of our germplasm accessions and advanced breeding lines worldwide. Genebank holdings as of 31 July 2015:




Delicious vegetable dishes to improve nutrition and health

  • African-Vegetable-Loaf

African Vegetable Loaf

  • african_eggplant

African eggplant and okra

  • Rice-Ball-Bean-Soup

Rice Ball Bean Soup

  • Boiled-Dumplings

Boiled Dumplings


1108, 2015

New varieties for Central Asia

The 2015 Catalogue of Released and Promising Vegetable and Legume Varieties for Central Asia and the Caucasus offers a look at 98 improved varieties developed from AVRDC germplasm in collaboration with research institutions and universities in the Regional Network for Vegetable Systems Research and Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Crops include tomato, hot and sweet pepper, eggplant, mungbean, vegetable soybean, yard-long bean, pea, cucumber, vegetable marrow, custard squash, Chinese leafy cabbage, lettuce, celery, and basil.
1108, 2015

AGROW Awards

The 2015 Standard Chartered AGROW Awards took note of the outstanding work of AVRDC partners and participating farmers in a ceremony on 2 August 2015 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The prestigious nationwide award promotes agricultural innovators and contributions to the sector in seven categories. BRAC, an NGO in Bangladesh and a partner with AVRDC and the International Potato Center (CIP) in the USAID Horticulture Project, received the “Best Associated Organisation in Support and Execution” award. Lal Teer Seed Ltd., which has worked with AVRDC researchers on several initiatives, was awarded as the “Best Associated Organisation in Innovation and Research.” The awards go to individuals as well as organizations: Two farmers participating in the USAID Horticulture Project received awards: Reshma Begum, Mohirn Village, Bagharpara Upazilla, Jessore District, for her sweetpotato nursery, and Bellal Hossain, Laxmipur Village, Bagharpara Upazilla, Jessore District, for his work in tomato production. Matia Chowdhury, Minister of Agriculture, presented the awards.
3007, 2015

AVRDC opens office at ICIPE

AVRDC opened its first office in Kenya in June at the ICIPE Headquarters in Nairobi. On 6th July, AVRDC's Regional Project Coordinator of the Homegarden Scaling Project, Ralph Roothaert, and the AVRDC Kenya Site Coordinator, Charles Onyango, met with the Director General of ICIPE, Segenet Kelemu, at the ICIPE campus to acknowledge this important milestone. AVRDC has launched the project on home garden scaling in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to combat malnutrition among children and young women. Having Charles based at ICIPE will greatly facilitate collaboration between the two institutes.



  • zecc

ZECC making news in Kenya

With AVRDC's ZECC (zero energy cooling chamber), small-scale farmers can manage the cold chain for fresh produce from the farm all the way to the end user.
  • Burkina Recipes

Enjoy traditional African vegetables!

Tempting recipes and great music will have you cooking Burkina Faso-style!

VINESA and MAYOVEGA: Vegetables for youth, vegetables for profit

Young farmers trained in vegetable production and marketing by VINESA in Tanzania pool their collective knowledge about agribusiness.