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West and Central Africa – Coastal and Humid Regions


The Center’s African regional program began in 1992 in Arusha, northern Tanzania. Today WorldVeg has professional research and development staff working across Africa on important vegetable crops such as tomato, pepper, onion and cabbage, as well as a range of African traditional vegetables, and partners with more than 40 national institutions and many international organizations.

The Center operates three regional bases in Africa: in Benin for West and Central Africa – Coastal and Humid Regions (established in 2017), in Mali for West and Central Africa – Dry Regions (2014) and in Tanzania for Eastern and Southern Africa (1992). There is a liaison office in Cameroon to reach into sub-Saharan Africa with improved vegetable varieties and production technologies.

A happy harvest: Amy has introduced friends to the delicious taste of African nightshade leaves.

The vegetable sector in sub-Saharan Africa is severely underdeveloped and vegetable consumption is extremely low. In Africa’s diverse agroclimatic zones, there is enormous potential for smallholder farmers to produce numerous vegetable crops for domestic and international markets.

Vegetables are often the most important source of cash income for smallholder farmers, and indigenous vegetables provide an important source of nutrition, particularly for poor people. New varieties and improved management methods have been developed and extended through training programs for research and extension workers and smallholder farmers.


Traditional vegetables capture attention in Cotonou

Visitors to the WorldVeg office in Benin find vegetable crops thriving in the Demonstration Garden.

Visiting the World Vegetable Center’s newest office

Partners and donors are beginning to take notice of WorldVeg West and Central Africa – Coastal & Humid Regions in Cotonou, Benin.

WorldVeg activities in Cameroon attract the interest of neighboring countries

The experience of WorldVeg in Cameroon has sparked interest for an initiative to build seed systems in the Central African Republic.

Mungbean makes news from West Africa to Australia

Mungbean has long been a popular crop in Asia, but other parts of the world are beginning to take greater notice of this nutritious legume.

Farmers conducted their own field trials and collected data.

World Vegetable Center
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Victor Afari-Sefa, Regional Director

Judith Honfoga, Research Assistant, Agronomy

Roselyne Houeto, Administrative Assistant

Komla Azoma, Training and Outreach Assistant

Regine Kamga, Research Assistant

Ronal Chendjou Nzoukou, Research Assistant

Lyliane Pousseu, Research Assistant – Seed Operations

Geraldine Njumbe, Research Assistant (Luna)

Viviane Nadège Mbita, Administrative and Finance Assistant

Joachim Achu, Driver