West and Central Africa – Dry Regions

Evaluating size and color of tomato fruit to begin the sorting process.

World Vegetable Center
West and Central Africa – Dry Regions
Samako Research Station
BP 320 Bamako

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F: +223 2022-8683

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The Center’s African regional program began in 1992 in Arusha, northern Tanzania. Today WorldVeg has professional research and development staff working across Africa on important vegetable crops such as tomato, pepper, onion and cabbage, as well as a range of African traditional vegetables, and partners with more than 40 national institutions and many international organizations.

The Center operates three regional bases in Africa: in Mali for West and Central Africa – Dry Regions (established in 2014), in Benin for West and Central Africa – Coastal and Humid Regions (2017), and in Tanzania for Eastern and Southern Africa (1992). There is a liaison office in Cameroon to reach into sub-Saharan Africa with improved vegetable varieties and production technologies.

The vegetable sector in sub-Saharan Africa is severely underdeveloped and vegetable consumption is extremely low. In Africa’s diverse agroclimatic zones, there is enormous potential for smallholder farmers to produce numerous vegetable crops for domestic and international markets.

Vegetables are often the most important source of cash income for smallholder farmers, and indigenous vegetables provide an important source of nutrition, particularly for poor people. New varieties and improved management methods have been developed and extended through training programs for research and extension workers and smallholder farmers.


Renewing a strategy for Mali

Vegetable production is among the activities in USAID's new five-year commitment to advance agriculture for development in Mali. 

Developing a concept for SAFEVEG

WorldVeg and partners in Mali, Burkina Faso and Benin recently began planning for a new initiative to tap rising urban demand for safe, affordable, and nutritious vegetables.

Hub tour

A team of WorldVeg staff fanned out across Mali to assess field conditions at several group training locations.


Email address
Sidibe, AmaraProject Accountant amara.sidibe(at)worldveg.org
Awotide, Bola Amoke Agricultural Economicsbola.awotide(at)worldveg.org
Diakite, Angeleoffice Managerangele.diakite(at)worldveg.org
Traore, IssaCommunity Mobilization Officerissa.traore(at)worldveg.org
Marico, AmadouLogistics and procurment officer amadou.marico(at)worldveg.org
Mémé Kone, Abdoul Karim Field officer – Agribusiness Developmentabdoul.kone(at)worldveg.org
Goro, BoucaryField officer – Agribusiness Developmentboucary.goro(at)worldveg.org
Togo, MamadouField Technician - Moptimamadou.togo(at)worldveg.org
Tanou, FatogomaField Technician – Moptifatogoma.tanou(at)worldveg.org
Togo, IssakaField Technician – Moptiissaka.togo(at)worldveg.org
Traore, Binta Henriette Head Regional Administration and Financehenriette.traore(at)worldveg.org
Omar, DioufHorticulture Scaling Project Manager omar.diouf(at)worldveg.org
Bamia, AmadouProject Nutrition Research Technicianamadou.bamia(at)worldveg.org
Konate, AwaProject Nutrition Research Technicianawa.konate(at)worldveg.org
Berthe, KarimProject Nutrition Research Techniciankarim.berthe(at)worldveg.org
Kone, MamadouProject Nutrition Research Technicianmamadou.kone(at)worldveg.org
Diallo, SoryProject Nutrition Research Techniciansory.diallo(at)worldveg.org
Sobgui, CarolineNutrition Specialistcaroline.sobgui(at)worldveg.org
Legesse, Wubetu BihonPlant Health Scientistwubetu.legesse(at)worldveg.org
Edoh, Ognakossan KukomProduction and Postharvest Specialistkukom.edoh(at)worldveg.org
Toure, HamidProject Liaison Officerhamid.toure(at)worldveg.org
Togola, Yaya Project Research Technician – Sokouraniyaya.togola(at)worldveg.org
Guindo, Amassagou ThomasProject Research Technician – Moptiamassagou-thomas.guindo(at)worldveg.org
Maiga, Boubacar HassimiProject Research Technician – Moptiboubacar-hassimi.maiga(at)worldveg.org
Diakite, Djenebou KabaProject Research Technician – Moptidjenebou-kaba.diakite(at)worldveg.org
Dougnon, EmmanuelProject Research Technician – Moptiemmanuel.dougnon(at)worldveg.org
Guindo, Nouhoun Project Research Technician – Moptinouhoun.guindo(at)worldveg.org
Coulibaly, Omar Project Research Technician – Moptiomar.coulibaly(at)worldveg.org
Sanogo, SafiatouProject Research Technician – Moptisafiatou.sanogo(at)worldveg.org
Ndiaye, KabirouRegional Directorkabirou.ndiaye(at)worldveg.org
Kanouté, MoussaResearch Assistantmoussa.kanoute(at)worldveg.org
Diarra, HonafingResearch Assistant - Nutritionhonafing.diarra(at)worldveg.org
Diarra, Ba GermainResearch Assistant - Seed multiplicationbagermain.diarra(at)worldveg.org
Traore, AlphasidyResearch Associatealphasidy.traore(at)worldveg.org
Diallo, RakiResearch Associateraki.diallo(at)worldveg.org
Sanogo, SekouResearch Associatesekou.sanogo(at)worldveg.org
Coulibaly, KeribaResearch Associate - Breederkeriba.coulibaly(at)worldveg.org
Diallo, AlphaResearch Technicianalpha.diallo(at)worldveg.org
Diallo, GaoussouResearch Techniciangaoussou.diallo(at)worldveg.org
Traore, SiakaResearch Techniciansiaka.traore(at)worldveg.org
Doumbia, LassanaSenior Finance and Adiministration Officerlassana.doumbia(at)worldveg.org
Tignegre, Jean-BaptisteVegetable Breederjean-baptiste.tignegre(at)worldveg.org