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Eastern and Southern Africa

Postharvest specialist Ngoni Nenguwo demonstrates a ZECC: zero energy cooling chamber

Farmers check out the onion trials.

World Vegetable Center
Eastern and Southern Africa
Duluti, PO Box 10 Arusha
T: +255 (27) 255-3102/3093
F: +255 (27) 255-3125

All Africa email:

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The Center’s African regional program began in 1992 in Arusha, northern Tanzania. Today the World Vegetable Center has professional research and development staff working across Africa on important vegetable crops such as tomato, pepper, onion and cabbage, as well as a range of African traditional vegetables, and partners with more than 40 national institutions and many international organizations.

The Center operates three regional bases in Africa: in Tanzania for Eastern and Southern Africa, in Mali for West and Central Africa – Dry Regions (established 2014), and in Benin for West and Central Africa – Coastal and Humid Regions (2017). There is a liaison office in Cameroon to reach into sub-Saharan Africa with improved vegetable varieties and production technologies.


The vegetable sector in sub-Saharan Africa is severely underdeveloped and vegetable consumption is extremely low. In Africa’s diverse agroclimatic zones, there is enormous potential for smallholder farmers to produce numerous vegetable crops for domestic and international markets.

Vegetables are often the most important source of cash income for smallholder farmers, and indigenous vegetables provide an important source of nutrition, particularly for poor people. New varieties and improved management methods have been developed and extended through training programs for research and extension workers and smallholder farmers.


From trainee to model farmer

Farmer Pius Wilbard sharpened his crop production skills and increased his income through Farmer Field Schools hosted by the Africa RISING project in Tanzania.


Email address
Aggrey, AlphonseDriver
Dinssa, FekaduVegetable Breederfekadu.dinssa(at)
Ernest, ZablonField Officerzablon.ernest(at)
Kaaya, Aneth JosephStaff Canteen Supervisor
Kwazi, NadineExecutive Assistantnadine.kwazi(at)
Laiser, UpendoSecretaryupendo.laiser(at)
Laizer, AlaikField Officer - Agribusinessalaik.laizer(at)
Lwesya, BernardInformation Technology Supportbernard.lwesya(at)
Lyimo, Adam ExsuperDriver
Mallogo, RaphaelResearch Assistant – Plant Protectionraphael.mallogo(at)
Matovolwa, MaryResearch Assistantmary.matovolwa(at)
Mbwambo, OmaryResearch Internomary.mbwambo(at)
Mchala, BarakaProcurement Assistantbaraka.mchala(at)
Mndiga, Hassan Training & Outreach Coordinator (Seconded Staff from Horti Tengeru)hassan.mndiga(at)
Mosha, InviolateResearch Assistantinviolate.mosha(at)
Munisi, MarthaSeed Attendantmartha.munisi(at)
Mushi, Gilbert Driver
Mvungi, Henry Project Marketing Officerhenry.mvungi(at)
Ndetiyo, Roghathe Akyoo Housekeeping Assistant
Nimpagaritse, Devote Agronomist/Postharvest Specialistdevote.nimpagaritse(at)
Nordey, ThibaultAgronomist – Modelingthibault.nordey(at)
Ochieng, JustusPost-Doctoral Scientist – Agricultural Economicsjustus.ochieng(at)
Onyango, CharlesSite Project Coordinator - Kenyacharles.onyango(at)
Roothaert, RalphOfficer-in-Charge; Flagship Leader - Healthy Dietsralph.roothaert(at)
Salome, MushiResearch Assistantsalome.mushi(at)
Sarakikya, DavidSenior Finance Officerdavid.sarakikya(at)
Sawe, Paul Anael Gardener
Stephen, NemayanProject Administrative Assistant – VINESAnemayan.stephen(at)
Stoilova, TsvetelinaGenetic Resources Scientisttsvetelina.stoilova(at)
Tarimo, John GeorgeElectrical Assistant