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East and Southeast Asia


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Kasetsart University, Bangkok: 

Research and Training Station, Kamphaeng Saen:

World Vegetable Center
East and Southeast Asia
Research & Development Building
Kasetsart University
Bangkhen, Bangkok 10900

P.O. Box 1010 (Kasetsart)
Bangkok 10903

Tel +66-2-9428686 or +66-2-9428687
Fax +66-2-9428688

Research & Training Station
Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus,
Kamphaeng Saen,
Nakhon Pathom 73140

Tel +66-(0)-34-353-135
M +66-(0)-81-870-7618
Fax +66-(0)-34-351-537



The Center began its work in Southeast Asia with the Thailand Outreach Program in 1982.

The Center’s regional office, established in 1992 as the Asian Regional Center and renamed in 2009 as the World Vegetable Center East and Southeast Asia, is located on the campus of Kasetsart University in Bangkok. Staff collaborate with university administration and researchers with the support of the Royal Thai Government. The office is the focal point for regional research and training and for the Center’s work with the People’s Republic of China.

The regional office addresses vegetable research and development in the region to improve nutrition and reduce poverty through hands-on training. The Center’s annual International Vegetable Training Course has been held for more than three decades; thousands of scientists across Asia have participated, enhancing their technical, scientific and managerial skills in vegetable production and marketing to contribute to the sustainable development of their countries.

The Center’s Research and Training Station is located on Kasetsart University’s Kamphaeng Saen Campus in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.


Successful adaptation

With the help of partners, high yielding, disease resistant vegetable lines from WorldVeg have a promising future in Southeast Asia.


Email address
Schreinemachers, Pepijn Flagship Program Leader - Enabling Impact / Interim Regional Directorpepijn.schreinemachers(at)worldveg.org
Dhillon, Narinder Vegetable Breeder – Cucurbitsnarinder.dhillon(at)worldveg.org
Brown, Stuart Country Representative - Cambodiastuart.brown(at)worldveg.org
Depenbusch, LutzPostdoctoral Scientist – Impact Evaluationlutz.depenbusch(at)worldveg.org
Thongkrailad, Ratchada Regional Administrator and Finance Officerratchada.thongkrailad(at)worldveg.org
Rattanamung, Kanokwan Secretarykanokwan.rattanamung(at)worldveg.org
Larplai, Sunant Admin & Finance Assistant sunant.larplai(at)worldveg.org
Yule, SopanaResearch Assistant Entomologysopana.yule(at)worldveg.org
Pruangwitayakun, Somchit Vegetable Research and Training Officersomchit.pruangwitayakun(at)worldveg.org
Srimat, Supornpun Research Assistant Breedingsupornpun.srimat(at)worldveg.org
Laenoi, Suwannee Assistant Specialist (Plant Breeding)suwannee.laenoi(at)worldveg.org
Khumsuwan, ChuanpitTechnical Assistant – Entomologychuanpit.khumsuwan(at)worldveg.org
Kitdet, Radchada Office Assistantradchada.kitdet(at)worldveg.org
Limsiriwat, Sorawit IT and Communication Assistantsorawit.limsiriwat(at)worldveg.org
Khieu, KhemrinSenior Hoticulture Specialist -Cambodiakhemrin.khieu(at)worldveg.org
Uon, BonnarithProvincial Coordinator -Cambodiabonnarith.uon(at)worldveg.org
Vaivaree,RakchanokOffice Assistant
Poonoi, SeenualJanitor
Rewthongchum, Sanan Field Supervisor
Khongbankhong, Boonjan Field Staff
Pornnapalai, Daenpen Field Staff
Pukyom, Chinnakorn Field Staff
Rewthongchum, Thawankon Field Staff
Sookpradit, Payom Field Staff
Srongkraisin, Rhungphet Field Staff
Onsiri, Jan Field Staff
Poungmaree, Rin Field Staff
Pleansuwan, DuanpenField Staff
Tadee,NikornField Staff
Jinteng,NatthanichaField Staff
Rueangworn,PrachaField Staff
Rodrakee, Boonplook Field Staff
Kanain, MeeField Staff