East and Southeast Asia



The Center began its work in Southeast Asia with the Thailand Outreach Program in 1982.

The Center’s regional office, established in 1992 as the Asian Regional Center and renamed in 2009 as the World Vegetable Center East and Southeast Asia, is located on the campus of Kasetsart University in Bangkok. Staff collaborate with university administration and researchers with the support of the Royal Thai Government. The office is the focal point for regional research and training and for the Center’s work with the People’s Republic of China.

The regional office addresses vegetable research and development in the region to improve nutrition and reduce poverty through hands-on training. The Center’s annual International Vegetable Training Course has been held for more than three decades; thousands of scientists across Asia have participated, enhancing their technical, scientific and managerial skills in vegetable production and marketing to contribute to the sustainable development of their countries.

The Center’s Research and Training Station is located on Kasetsart University’s Kamphaeng Saen Campus in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.


Bitter Gourd Open Field Days

The World Vegetable Center will showcase its collection of better bitter gourd breeding lines during Bitter Gourd Open Field Days, 21 August – 6 September 2016 at the World Vegetable Center East and Southeast Asia/Oceania Research and Training Station, Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand. Cucurbit breeders and plant pathologists from seed companies and public institutes are invited to come to our experimental plots to examine nearly 400 advanced breeding lines. These lines belong to different market segments popular with growers and consumers in different regions of Asia. Lines have been bred for improved yield and fruit quality and resistance to diseases such as powdery mildew, Cercospora leaf spot, and viruses using a broader gene pool derived from the global collection of bitter gourd maintained at the WorldVeg genebank. For more information and to arrange your visit, please contact Narinder Dhillon, Global Cucurbit Breeder, World Vegetable Center (narinder.dhillon@worldveg.org).

35th International Vegetable Training Course

Hone your skills and learn new approaches to all aspects of vegetable production in this comprehensive course that can be tailored to your needs.

AVRDC and KU renew MOU

STRENGTHENING A LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP: AVRDC and Kasetsart University (KU) in Thailand signed their first Memorandum of Understanding back in 1992 to set out guidelines for research collaboration, development initiatives, and training. The International Vegetable Training Course (now in its 35th year), an intensive cucurbit breeding program in Thailand, and increased international interaction for KU scientists and students are among the many benefits realized from this most enduring and fruitful partnership, which is now set to continue: The MOU was renewed for another 25 years on 15 February 2015 by Achiraya Nunes Galante of the KU International Affairs Division and Fenton Beed, AVRDC East and Southeast Asia Regional Director. Thanks, KU!

Project Profile: Home Garden Scaling, Cambodia

This Feed the Future project aims to develop appropriate vegetable seed kits along with participatory training systems for production of nutritious vegetables in home gardens.

World Vegetable Center
East and Southeast Asia
4th Floor, Research & Development Building
Kasetsart University
Bangkhen, Bangkok 10900

P.O. Box 1010 (Kasetsart)
Bangkok 10903

Tel +66-2-9428686 or +66-2-9428687
Fax +66-2-9428688

Research & Training Station
Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus,
Kamphaeng Saen,
Nakhon Pathom 73140

Tel +66-(0)-34-353-135
M +66-(0)-81-870-7618
Fax +66-(0)-34-351-537


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Kasetsart University, Bangkok:

Research and Training Station, Kamphaeng Saen:



Fenton Beed, Regional Director

Narinder Dhillon, Vegetable Breeder – Cucurbits

Shriniwas Gautam, Postdoctoral Scientist – Monitoring and Evaluation

Ratchada Thongkrailad, Finance Officer

Kanokwan Rattanamung, Secretary

Sunant Larpai, Finance and Admin Assistant

Sorawit Limsiriwat, IT and Communication Assistant

Sopana Yule, Research Assistant Entomology

Supannika Sanguansil, Research Assistant Breeding

Supornpun Srimat, Research Assistant Breeding – Vegetable Breeder Cucurbits

Anna Marie Medrano-Bahala, Project Development Officer

Suwannee Laenoi, Assistant Specialist (Plant Breeding)

Somchit Pruangwitayakun, Vegetable Research and Training Assistant

Chuanpit Khumsuwan, Technical Assistant Entomology

Radchada Kitdet, Office Assistant

Panalee Pooworakulchai, Technical Assistant – Vegetable Research

Supisra Arayaphong, Research Assistant (IVTC)

Vinant Paipun, Driver
Porntip Ratanapong, Office Helper
Seenual Poonoi, Janitor

Field Staff

Boonjan Khongbankhong
Daenpen Pornnapalai
Chinnakorn Pukyom
Sanan Rewthongchum
Thawankon Rewthongchum
Krum Sahray
Payom Sookpradit
Rhungphet Srongkraisin
Jan Onsiri
Rin Poungmaree

Thi Thu Ha To, Horticulturist and Project Coordinator

Stuart Brown, Project Manager, Deploying Vegetable Seed Kits to Tackle Malnutrition in Cambodia

Yong Yeng, Senior Agriculture Specialist, Deploying Vegetable Seed Kits to Tackle Malnutrition in Cambodia

Pong Samnang, Agriculture Specialist, Deploying Vegetable Seed Kits to Tackle Malnutrition in Cambodia

Ly Sereyrith, Provincial Coordinator, Deploying Vegetable Seed Kits to Tackle Malnutrition in Cambodia

Uon Bonnarith, Provincial Coordinator, Deploying Vegetable Seed Kits to Tackle Malnutrition in Cambodia