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ASEAN members experience agriculture in Taiwan

Representatives from nine member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) got a closer look at the horticultural practices and policies of Taiwan during the 12th Steering Committee Meeting of the ASEAN-AVRDC Regional Network for Vegetable Research and Development (AARNET), held 23-25 May 2017 at World Vegetable Center headquarters. --MORE--

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APSA-WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding Consortium

INAUGURAL BREEDING CONSORTIUM WORKSHOP -- 10-11 MAY 2017 -- WORLDVEG HQ: Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA) members with an interest in plant breeding for the development of improved vegetable varieties can now tap the knowledge and expertise of an internationally renowned leader in crop research by joining the APSA/WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding Consortium. Through the APSA/WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding Consortium, participating companies and WorldVeg researchers will have multiple opportunities to discuss and evaluate breeding approaches and discover new avenues to share data and progress. The Consortium will initially focus on tomato, pepper and cucurbits, but could broaden its scope to other crops later.

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Seed sector savvy

Ideas for collaboration germinated when representatives from eight seed companies—all members of the Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA)—and World Vegetable Center staff met for a roundtable discussion on 26 July 2016 at WorldVeg headquarters in Taiwan.

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Single nucleotide polymorphism markers associated with resistance to bruchids

Callosobruchus sp. infect mungbean (Vigna radiata) at low levels in the field, multiply during grain storage and can destroy seed stocks in a few months. Resistance against bruchid beetles has been found in wild mungbean V. radiata var. sublobata TC1966 and in cultivated mungbean line V2802.

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Leaders introduced; discuss opportunities for collaboration

World Vegetable Center Director General Marco Wopereis made a courtesy call to Taiwan’s Agriculture Minister Chi-Hung Tsao on 11 July 2016 at the Council of Agriculture in Taipei. They discussed topics of mutual interest and explored opportunities for collaboration. Jen-Pin Chen, Director General, Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture; Yu-Tsai Huang, World Vegetable Center Board Chair; and Yin-Fu Chang, the Center’s Deputy Director General for Administration & Services also attended the meeting.

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