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Attraction in Action project promotes brassica and legume IPM in Vietnam

The Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) organized a field day on integrated pest management (IPM) under WorldVeg’s Attraction in Action project, funded by BMZ/GIZ.

Vu Manh Hai at the podium. An integrated, strategic approach for monitoring pests results in better and safer control in the field.

A total of 70 participants including 38 women from Duyen Ha and Linh Nam Farmer Cooperatives gathered in Duyên Hà Commune, Thanh Trì district of Hanoi on 14 June 2017 to see the effectiveness of integrated pest management (IPM) strategies using bio-pesticides on yard-long bean and vegetable brassicas. This first farmers’ field day on IPM was organized by the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS), under WorldVeg’s Attraction in Action project, funded by BMZ/GIZ.

Dr. Tran Duc Trung (Department of Science and International Cooperation, VAAS) coordinated the field day. Dr. Srinivasan Ramasamy (WorldVeg Entomologist) briefly explained the activities of the Attraction in Action project in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. He also explained the urgent need for adopting the newly developed IPM technologies for yard-long bean and brassicas. Dr. Vu Manh Hai (Senior Researcher and the Project Coordinator for Vietnam at VAAS) briefed the project activities in Vietnam. Ms. Vu Thi Thuy from the National Center for Agricultural Extension explained the need for adopting IPM technologies in safer vegetable production.

The participants then visited IPM field demonstration sites. Mr. Diep Nguyen Xuan (Entomology Researcher, Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute) explained the various IPM components in the field and the participants had the opportunity to compare the IPM plots with farmers’ practice plots (which is mainly calendar-based pesticide spraying) as well as untreated plots. In discussion with Mr. Diep Nguyen Xuan and Dr. N.T.T. Hien (Entomologist, Plant Protection Research Institute) participants received thoughtful and informed answers to their questions.

The President of Duyên Hà cooperative, Mr. Dang Ba Thang, and a progressive farmer, Mr. Chu Van Thanh, shared their experiences on the newly developed IPM technologies. Representatives from private sector, National Center for Agricultural Extension, Plant Protection Department of Hanoi, Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, Plant Protection Research Institute and the media (Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper, VTC Television) also attended the event.

The event was featured on the VAAS web site (, and telecast on VTC (available at

Colored sticky traps caught pests and also captured the attention of participants. Sticky traps are effective, low-cost and safe to use.

Story and photos: Srinivasan Ramasamy


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Checking to see what’s inside the pheromone traps.

WorldVeg Entomologist Srini Ramasamy addresses field day participants.