17 December 2019: 14 members of the 178th Committee on Plant Molecular Design from Japan visited WorldVeg HQ.

19 December 2019: An 8-person delegation from National Nanke International Experimental High School (NNKIEH) and Mie Prefectural Ueno Senior High School, Japan visited WorldVeg HQ.

15 January 2020: Chau Chin Lin (center) from the Taiwan Ecological Research Network (TERN) visited WorldVeg HQ. An ecologist and data scientist, Dr. Lin gave a presentation on “Data Management Skills and Knowledge for Agricultural Researcher in a Data-Intensive Era.”

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18 December 2019: Shimpei Takeshita, International & New Venture Manager, Pioneer Ecoscience Co., LTD., Japan visited WorldVeg HQ and toured the WorldVeg Genebank with Genebank Manager Maarten van Zonneveld. Mr. Takeshita’s business interest crops are sweet corn, waxy corn, asparagus, sweet pepper, melon and carrot.

23 December 2019: A 4-person delegation from Yeocheon High School, Korea visited HQ at took a tour of the Demonstration Garden.

16 January 2020: A delegation of six researchers and businessmen from the Philippines, a professor from Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University and three staff from YUANDA Technology Co., Ltd, Taiwan visited WorldVeg HQ.

22 January 2020: Woosa Hung (right), Director and Ru-An Hsu, Producer of Gear Film Corp. visited WorldVeg HQ, to scout locations prior to shooting a 3-minute documentary for the Trending Taiwan Channel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan) in April or May.