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Growing with VINESA!

This collection of six videos produced by the World Vegetable Center for the VINESA project aims to help farmers in Tanzania improve their vegetable production skills.

VINESA (Improving income and nutrition in eastern and southern Africa by enhancing vegetable-based farming and food systems in peri-urban corridors) is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and the Australian International Food Security Research Centre.

Malnutrition, poor diet diversity and youth migration to cities are widespread problems in eastern and southern Africa.  VINESA seeks to generate youth employment and income opportunities for peri-urban vegetable growers and their families in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania by improving  vegetable varieties and seed supply systems, enhancing crop management practices, and developing a more effective value chain.

Research assesses and promotes technologies and practices for increased and safer production of vegetables. Improved vegetable varieties are being evaluated and seed distributed, and postharvest value-addition and processing options are being explored.