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Global Crop Diversity Trust

The Global Crop Diversity Trust and the AVRDC Genebank are collaborating on a project to accelerate the regeneration, characterization, documentation, duplication, and long-term storage of 6000 accessions of common and indigenous vegetable species.

Enough seed will be produced for collections to be maintained at the AVRDC Genebank in Taiwan and at AVRDC’s Regional Center for Africa in Arusha, Tanzania. Seed is also being duplicated for safety backup at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and other genebanks.

Crop diversity remains one of the world’s least recognized but most valuable resources; it is the raw material for improving and adapting crops to meet future challenges. Diversity is being lost, and with it the biological basis of our food supply.

The <b>Global Crop Diversity Trust</b> is an independent international organization working to guarantee the long-term conservation of crop diversity.  Individual crop varieties have different traits for drought or heat tolerance, nutritional quality, disease resistance and other characteristics.

Website: http://www.croptrust.org