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Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute

The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) began collaborating with AVRDC on summer (off-season) tomato production in 2000. The effort to spread this income-generating activity in the country now continues through the USAID Horticulture Project, in which AVRDC and BARI are evaluating tomato varieties and rootstocks for grafting, and testing simple rain shelters as part of a summer tomato production package for Khulna, Jessore and Barisal districts. Grafting nurseries have been set up by women's groups in some of these areas to produce and sell grafted seedlings.

BARI conducts research on a large number of crops, including cereals, tubers, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, spices and flowers. Besides variety development, this institute also carries out research on  soil and crop management, improvement of farming systems, postharvest handling and processing, and socioeconomic studies related to production, marketing, and consumption.

Website: http://www.bari.gov.bd/