AARNET is seeking donor funding for the following projects:

1. Regional Cooperation to Enhance Vegetable R&D in ASEAN Region
Lead organization/country: AVRDC

2. Enhancing Utilization and Conservation of Indigenous Vegetables by Rural Farmers in ASEAN Countries
Lead organization/country: Brunei Darussalam


    • introduce and /or promote indigenous vegetables with added value or potential for commercialization and/or development of cottage industries in selected rural areas and disaster stricken/prone areas
    • establish mechanisms to ensure sustainable conservation and utilization of indigenous vegetables by providing indigenous vegetable seed and seedling supply system; permanent indigenous vegetable gardens linked to genetic resources and conservation centers for regeneration and characterization of genetic resources; source of samples for evaluation (e.g. nutritional and medicinal properties); production of seeds; field demonstration; field training
    • national indigenous vegetable network to coordinate activities on training, conservation, promotion, utilisation, product development and marketing of indigenous vegetables at national level and link to the network of other countries
    • develop a strategy for knowledge management to enhance public awareness, advocacy for sustainable conservation and utilization of indigenous vegetables and the institutionalization of related activities
    • develop a critical mass of human resources capable of providing training on conservation, promotion, utilization, product development and marketing of indigenous vegetables
    • train women on utilization of indigenous vegetables for food and nutrition and the development of products and cottage industries based on indigenous vegetables

3. Extension of Storage Life and Maintenance of Quality of Selected Vegetables in ASEAN
Lead organization/country: Malaysia


    • assist economic integration amongst the ASEAN member countries by a leveling up of technology on postharvest handling and storage of vegetables
    • improve distribution and marketing of vegetables in ASEAN countries through development and application of appropriate handling system and technology
    • develop suitable techniques which can extend storage life and maintain quality of selected vegetables to be incorporated into the handling system in ASEAN countries
    • provide human resource development for research and extension personnel from members of ASEAN countries

4. Extension of Pre-Harvest Treatments and Practices to Produce Quality and Safe Vegetables
Lead organization/country: Thailand


    • develop appropriate pre-harvest handling technologies for selected vegetables in ASEAN countries with emphasis on quality and safety
    • develop pre-harvest management guidelines for selected vegetables in line with Good Agricultural Practices to ensure that quality and safe vegetables are sold within and outside of ASEAN countries
    • promote these technologies to the farmers of ASEAN countries