To actively move forward the AARNET’s projects, AARNET Steering Committee (ASC) was established in 2005. In the same year, the role of AVRDC (World Vegetable Center)  in AARNET was reaffirmed to serve as a member of ASC. AVRDC through its Regional Office – East and Southeast Asia based in Thailand collaborates with Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Singapore, to link ASEAN partner organizations to identify regional priorities and to promote technology exchange and training initiatives.

The ASC meets annually, with the host country by rotation. The meeting provides a vital opportunity for AARNET members to interact with each other, identify current and pertinent issues on vegetable production and consumption to be addressed, and propose activities to be conducted within the network, as well as the ability to organize and coordinate the activities.

Besides the ASC Meeting, regional leaders and country representatives are invited to share their experiences on selected prominent issues during expert consultation meetings. Furthermore, workshops and training initiatives on various topics are conducted to enhance expertise in vegetable production and marketing.

Each year, AARNET endorses project proposals and forwards them to the ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Crops (ASWGC) and the Senior Officials Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry (SOM-AMF) for endorsement. The proposals will be further submitted to ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) for consideration and approval accordingly. (See Structure of ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Crops (ASWGC) at https://org.doa.go.th/aseancrops/?page_id=24

15th AARNet virtual, 2021_210628_11 2
15th AARNet virtual, 2021_210628_11