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Phenotyping Tender: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is electronic submission of tender documents possible? 

A: Yes, electric submission by email is possible (a digital signature is recommended).

Q: Is an EOI (expression of interest) required prior to submitting a bid proposal for phenotyping? 

A: You may directly submit bid documents; no EOI is necessary.

Q: What kinds of documents can be submitted to fulfill the requirement in the RFP: “Provide any other company information or details that are relevant in demonstrating capacity.”

A: Examples of such documents include:

  • Company annual report
  • Details of a similar system installed elsewhere (include the buyer’s name, address, location, configuration they purchased)
  • Warranties your company provides

Q: Will supplier handle and pay customs (e.g. import tax) as according to the Incoterms labelled as DDP (Delivery duties paid) 

A: The amendment to WorldVeg’s founding Memorandum of Understanding states: “the Center may import free of duty such equipment and articles as are reasonably required to enable the Center to achieve effectively its purpose and care out the functions entrusted to it.”

The price quote should be based on “DDP WorldVeg campus, import tax unpaid” while all other charges should be quoted separately.