WorldVeg Research Infrastructure Modernization (RIM)


The RIM project is reinvigorating research labs and building new fit-for-purpose facilities to ensure WorldVeg is equipped to deliver high impact science and applications.

On 18 April 2018, the World Vegetable Center received a USD 1.7 million (NTD 50,000,000) grant from the Taiwan Council of Agriculture (COA) to begin planning a major construction and renovation project to modernize the Center’s research infrastructure at its headquarters campus in Shanhua, Tainan, Taiwan.

It’s expected WorldVeg will receive a total of USD 22 million (NTD 660,000,000) to complete the multi-year Research Infrastructure Modernization (RIM) project.

We invite bids from international and national (Taiwan) contractors for the work to be carried out. We are committed to a fair, transparent procurement process.

For questions regarding procurement, please contact Chien-chu Chang, Senior Officer – Purchasing <>

Open Tenders

No tenders open at this time.

RIM Contract Awards

Job No.
Bids Received
Contract Awarded to
Contract Value
1Phenotyping PlatformQCBS2Phenospex B.V.€546,967July 2 '18
2CablingQCBS1AD EngineeringNT$36,800,000Sep 23 '19
3PH35 & PH40 GreenhouseQCBS3De-yuan Building FirmNT$56,400,000Nov 11 '19
4WorldVeg HQ Campus LandscapeQCBS4AD EngineeringNT$ 47,800,000Dec 25 '19