Water dropwort (Oenanthe javanica)

41 water dropwort Flowers_smwebCommon Names
Water dropwort, Chinese celery, Japanese parsley, Java waterdropwort (En); persil Vietnamien (Fr); Filipéndula de agua (Sp); 水芹 (Cn)

Plant Distribution
East, South, and Southeast Asia, Australia

Edible Parts
Tender stems and leaf stalks are used fresh as salad, to garnish steamed rice and other dishes, or boiled and chopped as greens.

Health values
Beta-carotene: high; vitamin E: extremely high; riboflavin: medium; ascorbic acid: high; calcium: medium; iron: high; protein: 1.1%. Chlorophyll-rich leaves have antigenotoxic and antioxidative properties.

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