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VISITORS: August – September 2017

27 July 2017: (left to right) Allan White, Advisor, Business Development Advisor for Plant & Food Research (PFR) New Zealand, and Ben Lupton from Innovate, a consulting firm, visited WorldVeg headquarters to learn about the Center’s activities and meet with Deputy Director General – Research David Johnson.

28 July 2017: 13 American and 18 Taiwanese university students participating in a 3-week Taiwan-America Student Conference (TASC) leadership conference stopped by WorldVeg headquarters. After a briefing by Maureen Mecozzi, Head of Communications and Information, the students toured the Demonstration Garden.

9-10 August 2017: Xin Zhao (3rd from left), Associate Professor, Department of Horticultural Sciences and Craig Joseph Frey (1st from left), Graduate Assistant from the University of Florida, USA, visited WorldVeg headquarters to learn more about the Center’s current activities and facilities. They met with Deputy Director General – Research David Johnson, Deputy Director General – Administration and Services Yin-Fu Chang and the Center’s scientists – Peter Hanson, Lawrence Kenyon, Mandy Lin, and Vicky Cherng. Willie Chen (2nd from left) guided them to the Demonstration Garden, genebank and fertigation greenhouse with Eric Shen (4th from left), Principal Research Assistant, Genetic Resources. Dr. Zhao also gave a seminar to the Center’s staff.

22-23 August 2017: (left to right) Four professors from Korea — Sung-Chur Sim, Department of Bioresources Engineering, Sejong University; Joonyup Kim, Pusan National University, Life and Industry Convergence Research Institute; Young-Hoon Park, Department of Horticultural Bioscience, Pusan National University; and Geunhwa Jung, Stockbridge School of Agriculture University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA , USA visited WorldVeg headquarters to explore opportunities for cooperation with the Center’s scientists.

24 August 2017: A 17-person agricultural study delegation from Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan visited WorldVeg headquarters. They were accompanied by 2 staff from Agricultural Extension Center, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources of National Chung-Hsing University.

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4 September 2017: A delegation from the South Pacific island country of Kiribati visited WorldVeg HQ for a briefing and tour of the genebank. (left to right) Yuang-kuang Huang from the WorldVeg Genebank explained operations to the Hon. Alexander Teabo, Minister of Environment, Land and Agriculture Development; Madame Oreiti Teabo; Ms. Reei Tioti, Acting Director, Land Management Division, Ministry of Environment, Land and Agriculture Development; and Mrs. Kinaai Kairo, Director of Agriculture and Livestock Division, Ministry of Environment, Land and Agriculture Development.

5 September 2017: 35 students from the Department of Tropical Agricultural and International Cooperation, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST).

6 September 2017: 60 students led by Professor Zhi-ming Miao and Yi-cheng Hsu from the Department of Bio-mechatronics Engineering, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) toured the Demonstration Garden with Shiu-luan Lu, WorldVeg Visitor Coordinator. They saw the Demo Garden Team constructing new “keyhole gardens.”

7 September 2017: Kazuki Saito (left), Agronomist, Sustainable Productivity Enhancement Program, Africa Rice Center, Ivory Coast with Yuang-kuang Huang, WorldVeg Genebank.

7 September 2017: Marco Wopereis (left), WorldVeg Director General and Lutfo E. Dlamini, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Kingdom of Swaziland, in the WorldVeg Genebank.