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University of Queensland nematode researchers visit WorldVeg South Asia


Rebecca Zwart, Senior Research Fellow (Crop Nemotology) and five members from the Nematology Group, University of Southern Queensland, Australia visited WorldVeg South Asia on 1 February 2017 to learn about the Center’s work in screening mungbean lines for resistance to root-lesion nematodes.

The visitors met with the WorldVeg team (Warwick Easdown, Abdul Rasheed War, Abhay Pandey and Bindu Madhava) and had a thorough discussion about nematodes in mungbean, tomato and other horticultural crops. Warwick gave a presentation on WorldVeg activities with a particular focus on South Asia.

The visiting researchers expressed interest in collaborating with WorldVeg on nematode research. Let’s hope this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship!