Taiwan Seed Industry Development Forum

Understanding priorities, finding areas for collaboration

Twelve Taiwan seed companies met with World Vegetable Center staff and members of the Taiwan Council of Agriculture, Food and Fertilizer Technology Center, and the Taiwan Seed Trade Association on 3 October 2016 at WorldVeg headquarters to seek out areas for collaboration. WorldVeg staff learned about the research priorities of Taiwan seed companies, and seed companies were introduced to the Center’s vital role in international agriculture, particularly in Africa and other parts of Asia. The forum aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing, opportunities for regional field trials, and transfer of the Center’s research products to Taiwan vegetable producers.


農委會Council of Agriculture (COA)

國際處Department of International Affairs

國際組織科Intl. Organizations Section

陳俊言Jun-Yen Chen, 處長Director General

唐淑華Tracy Tarng, 科長Chief

鄭筑云Ju-Yun Jeng, 技士Associate Specialist

農糧署Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA)

作物生產組Crop Production Section

方怡丹Denise Fang, 組長Chief

農試所Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)

陳駿季J. J. Chen, 所長Director General, WorldVeg Board Member

種苗改良繁殖場Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSIPS)

李美娟Mei-Jiuan Lee, 副場長Deputy Director

技術服務室Technical Service Section

郭宏遠Horng-Yeuan Kuo主任Chief

品種改良保護課Plant Breeding and Protection Section

薛佑光Yu-Kuang Hsueh, 助理研究員Assistant Research


亞太糧食肥料技術中心Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

黃有才Yu-Tsai Huang, 主任Director General (WorldVeg Board Chair)

台灣種苗改進協會Taiwan Seed Trade Association (TSTA)

施辰東Tony Shih, 理事長Chairman


世界蔬菜中心(世蔬中心) World Vegetable Center

沃培睿 Wopereis, Marco – Director General

張瀛福Chang, Yin-Fu (online) – Deputy Director General – Administration & Services

番茄組 Tomato Breeding

韓  森 Hanson, Peter (online)

瑞  合 Mohamed, Rakha

許芸喆 Hsu, Yun-che

盧淑芬 Lu, Shu-fen

番椒組 Pepper Breeding

谷桑吉 Sanjeet Kumar

林世雯 Lin, Shih-wen

瓜類組 Cucurbit Breeding

程新珺 Cheng, Hsin-chun

原生蔬菜組 Indigenous Vegetables

韓  森 Hanson, Peter (online)

蕭芸殷 Hsiao, Yun-yin

生物技術/分子育種 Biotech/ Molecular Breeding

謝羅倫 Schafleitner, Roland

種原組 Germplasm and Seed Unit

舒柏格 Solberg, Svein

黃永光 Huang, Yung-kuang

陳武揚 Chen, Willie

植物病毒組 Virology

柯恩永 Kenyon, Lawrence

詹淵理 Chan, Yuan-li

營養組 Nutrition

楊瑞玉 Yang, Ray-yu

技術拓展組 Global Technology Dissemination

盧格雷 Luther, Greg

林麗珠 Lin, Mandy


廠商 Taiwan seed companies

生生種子股份有限公司 Evergrow Seed Co., Ltd.

農友種苗股份有限公司 Known-You Seed Co. Ltd.

好農家種苗有限公司 Farmer Seed Ltd.

欣樺種苗貿易有限公司 Sing-flow Seed Trading Co., Ltd.

農興貿易有限公司 Agronew Trading Co.

長生種子有限公司 Acegreen Seed Co., Ltd.

慶農種苗有限公司 Ching Long Seed Co.,Ltd.

禾峰種子有限公司 Besgrow Seed Co., Ltd

稼檣種子有限公司 Suntech Seed Co., Ltd.

瑞成種苗有限公司 Bucolic Seeds Co., Ltd.

良種農業有限公司 Liang Chung Agricultural Co., Ltd.

穗耕種苗有限公司Asusa Spike Seeds, Inc.