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Operating in a bubble

Storing mungbean in a “bubble” in Ganjam District. A solar panel (bottom right) powers controls for humidity and air circulation.

As part of the project “Improving mungbean and urdbean productivity in Odisha state”, the WorldVeg team installed solar bubble dryers in five districts (Khurda, Puri, Ganjam, Nayagarh and Bolangir) of Odisha to dry harvested mungbean before storing or marketing.

The solar bubble dryers were purchased from GrainPro Philippines, Inc.

The bubble-type dryers take advantage of solar radiation and ambient air to dry agricultural products while providing protection against sudden rains and unpredictable weather.

Each dryer can hold about 500 kg of mungbean. It takes one hour in the dryer for each 1% reduction in moisture.

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