New varieties for Cameroon

The World Vegetable Center is pleased to announce that 12 vegetable varieties—including 9 traditional vegetables—have been registered in Cameroon’s official catalog of varieties.

The catalog, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER), Seed and Seedling Certification Service, is part of the effort to regulate variety registration, protect farmers from the sale of counterfeit seeds, facilitate the production and marketing of high quality seeds, and encourage the development and promotion of new plant varieties.

WorldVeg Cameroon Research Associate and Liaison Officer Regine Kamga and her team worked with officials at MINADER to get the varieties through the registration process.

The varieties:

Amaranth (2): AC-NL and AM-KNGN

African eggplant (1): RVI 00002245 (DB 3)

Jute mallow (4): UG, IP 2, Aziga and Bafia

Okra (1): RVI 00001416 (PI 496946)

African nightshade (1): TzSMN 55-3

Tomato (3): AVTO 9601 (CLN 1462 A), AVTO 9604 (CLN 1464 A) and AVTO 9605 (CLN 1464 B)

African eggplant (above) and amaranth: Two new vegetable varieties recently added to Cameroon’s registry catalog.