Madeira vine (Anredera cordifolia)

Common Names
Madeira-vine, heartleaf madeiravine (En); vigne de madère (Fr); enredadera del mosquito, para de madeira (Sp); 藤三七, 川七 (Cn)

Plant Distribution
Tropical Americas, the Caribbean, East Asia

Edible Parts
Leaves and tender stems are eaten raw, boiled, stir-fried with sesame oil and ginger, or in soups.

Health Values
Beta-carotene: high; vitamin E: medium; riboflavin: low; folic acid: low; ascorbic acid: high; calcium: medium; iron: low; protein: 1.2%. Leaves contain mucilage.

Read more: Madeira vine, in Discovering Indigenous Treasures: Promising Indigenous Vegetables from Around the World. 2009. AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center.