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Interns in South Asia





Two interns are working the Crop Protection Lab of WorldVeg South Asia in Hyderabad, India under the supervision of Legume Breeder Ram Nair and Plant Pathologist Abhay Pandey. Funded by the World Food Prize Foundation, Alyssa Swehla, an intern from Iowa State University, USA, arrived At WorldVeg South Asia in Hyderabad, India during the third week of June and will stay until the second week of August. Alyssa is conducting an experiment on the effect of Trichoderma harzianum (bioagent) isolates on dry root rot pathogen of mungbean (Vigna radiata).

Chloé Elmerich, an intern from ENSAT in France, is screening urdbean (Vigna mungo) lines for resistance to dry root rot pathogen. Chloé is working to identify urdbean lines that exhibit resistance to the pathogen using the paper towel method. She will continue her study until the first week of September.


Alyssa Swehla





Chloé Elmerich





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