2014-Workshop-Group-Pic_sA training course on the “Diagnosis of major pests and diseases of yard-long bean and vegetable brassicas” was held for the month of October 2014 at AVRDC headquarters in Taiwan as part of the BMZ/GIZ funded Attraction in Action project. The seven trainees came from the three project countries (three from Vietnam, and two each from Cambodia and Lao PDR). Training was offered through lectures, practical classes in the laboratory and glasshouse, and field visits. Srinivasan Ramasamy (Entomologist and the Project Manager), Jaw-Fen Wang (Plant Pathologist) and Lawrence Kenyon (Plant Virologist) served as the major resource persons. Staff from Entomology (Mei-ying Lin, Fu-cheng Su, Huang Chun-chu), Bacteriology (Fang-I Ho), Mycology (Wallace Chen, Zong-ming Sheu, Jaw-rong Chen) and Virology (Su-Ling Shih, Li-mei Lee, Jin-teh Wang, Hsui-mei Liu, Jennifer Lii) also participated in offering this training. The trainees will go on to assist in the Attraction in Action project in conducting pest and disease surveys on the target crops in the project countries. They also will serve as trainers for the future in-country training to selected national agricultural research and extension staff.