Coffee senna (Senna occidentalis)

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Common Names
Coffee senna, antbush, septicweed (En); bentamare, café batard, casse-puante (Fr); bricho, brusca, frijolillo, guanine, hedionda (Sp); 望江南, 石決明 (Cn)

Plant Distribution
Throughout the tropics and warm temperate regions

Edible Parts
Tender leaves, flowers, and green pods are eaten boiled or steamed.

Health values
Beta-carotene: high in leaves; vitamin E: medium; riboflavin: high; ascorbic acid: extremely high; calcium: medium; iron: medium; protein: 5.2%. Leaves contain aromatic, yellow anthraquinones that tend to have laxative effects.

Read more: Coffee senna, in Discovering Indigenous Treasures: Promising Indigenous Vegetables from Around the World. 2009. AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center