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Seed Repository

The World Vegetable Center Eastern and Southern Africa in Arusha, Tanzania maintains Africa's largest vegetable seed collection. Take a look inside the Seed Repository with manager Tsvetelina Stoilova and meet other WorldVeg researchers working to conserve, characterize and share the diversity of African vegetables to safeguard the continent's food and nutrition security.

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Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia are among the 19 partners from 12 countries participating in G2PSOL, a European project to improve the production of potato, eggplant, tomato and pepper through the mass sequencing of plant DNA.

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Success with pickles!

Share the joy of accomplishment with the UMANGU Women's Group from Ngurdoto village, Arumeru District, Tanzania! The group processes and sells mango pickle, and their product is gaining popularity among local consumers.

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WEBINAR: Household garden strategy

In this webinar hosted by Catholic Relief Services on 14 April 2016, World Vegetable Center Agricultural Economist Pepijn Schreinemachers and Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa Thomas Dubois presented the Center's strategy for rural household gardens in Africa and Asia, using locally adapted and nutrition-dense vegetables as a core element.

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