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Africa RISING with demonstration gardens




A lead farmer (red shirt) demonstrates how to apply fertilizer.

Transplanting Ethiopian mustard.

Women transplanting jute mallow in Uambule village.

With WorldVeg seed kits, these men can start producing vegetables in home gardens.

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The Africa Rising NAFAKA project embarked on a series of practical garden training sessions in collaboration with Catholic Relief Services in 18 villages in Mbarali and Mbeya districts of Tanzania from 18 March to 10 April 2017. At demonstration gardens established in each village, the 926 participants (in total) learned how to prepare seed beds, work appropriate amounts of fertilizer into the soil, and transplant seedlings following the correct spacing.

Crops planted in the demo gardens included tomato (‘Tengeru 2010’ and ‘Tanya’), African eggplant (‘Tengeru white’ and ‘DB3’), amaranth (‘Madiira 1’ and ‘Madiira 2’), Ethiopian mustard (‘Arumeru’ and ‘Rungwe’), jute mallow (‘Sud 2’), nightshade (‘Nduruma’), vegetable soybean and pumpkin (‘GKK’). Each participant also received a seed kit to begin planting their own gardens at home.

WorldVeg staff are assessing the slow growth of jute mallow and African eggplant in high altitude areas of Mbeya, and may decide to include other crops better adapted to the climate.

Photos: Alaik Laizer