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For 40 years, breeding lines developed by AVRDC plant breeders have contributed to the improvement of vegetable varieties around the world. The legacy continues: On 5 September 2012, the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) in Bangalore celebrated the occasion of its Foundation Day by introducing ‘Arka Samrat’ and ‘Arka Rakshak,’ two new triple disease resistant tomato hybrids. AVRDC breeding lines CLN-2498E (male parent of ‘Arka Samrat’) and CLN-2498D (male parent of ‘Arka Rakshak’) were used in the breeding program to create the new hybrids, which can resist Tomato leaf curl virus, bacterial wilt, and early blight, three of the most serious problems in tomato production. AVRDC tomato breeder Peter Hanson supplied the breeding lines and worked with researchers at IIHR to stack multiple resistance traits into the hybrids. By planting varieties bred to be resistant to diseases, farmers can reduce pesticide use when growing crops of high-yielding, nutritious vegetables and ensure more of the harvest can be marketed.

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