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Report of the 8th External Program and Management Review (January 2015)

The 8th Annual Program and Management Review of AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center covered the period from 2009-2014. The review was conducted by a three-member panel:

  • Dr. Douglas Pachico, Agricultural Economist and Consultant (Chair)
  • Dr. Lucy Sun Hwang, Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute of Food Sciences and Technology, National Taiwan University
  • Dr. Phillip Harris, Emeritus Professor of Biological Agriculture and Horticulture, Coventry University, UK

Panel members attended the Center’s 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2013 and the April 2014 Board Meeting. They interviewed staff in regional offices and visited local partners: Eastern and Southern Africa (Tanzania, April 2014, Dr. Pachico); East and Southeast Asia (Thailand, May 2014, Dr. Sun); West and Central Africa (Mali, May 2014, Dr. Harris); and South Asia (India, September 2014, Drs. Pachico and Sun). All panel members visited Center headquarters in November 2014 to meet with staff and host country partners. A survey was administered to all AVRDC Board members, and telephone interviews were conducted with more than 20 donors and international partners.