Celosia (Celosia argentea)

This attractive annual herb with delicate pink flower spikes adds color, flavor and nutrients to meals.

Edible Celosia flower.

Edible Celosia flower.

Common Names
Celosia, Lagos spinach, quail grass, plumed cockscomb, silver cock’s comb (En); célosie, célosie argentée, crête de coq (Fr); borlón, cresta de gallo (Sp); 青葙 (Cn)

Plant Distribution

Edible Parts
Leaves, tender stems, and young flower spikes are eaten boiled, or cooked in sauce or stew with other ingredients. Other uses: as ornamental plants, windbreaks, soap, etc.

Health Values
Beta-carotene: extremely high in leaves; vitamin E: medium; folic acid: high; ascorbic acid: medium; calcium: medium; iron: medium; protein: 4.7%. Leaves contain also amaranthine (betacyanin), oxalic acid (ca. 0.2%) and phytic acid (ca. 0.12%).

Read more: Celosia, in Discovering Indigenous Treasures: Promising Indigenous Vegetables from Around the World. 2009. AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center.

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