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World Vegetable Center
South Asia
ICRISAT Campus, Patancheru 502324
Hyderabad, Telangana,

Tel: +91-40-30713071
Fax: +91-40-30713074 / 75


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The South Asia office was established in 2006 on the campus of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) near Hyderabad, India.

South Asia is home to a large proportion of the world’s poor, most of whom live in rural areas. As poverty increases, diets often become less diverse and micronutrient malnutrition can increase as cheap starchy staples replace vegetables in diets. Vegetable production in South Asia has been virtually static for the last two decades and per capita availability has declined as populations have increased.

Despite India’s rapid economic growth, there are still 300 million people living below the poverty line and 75% of the poor live in rural areas. Per capita consumption of vegetables in India is only about 86 g/day, compared with FAO’s recommendation of 200 g/day. To improve the nutrition of rural families, vegetables production must be increased and better integrated into the region’s predominantly cereal-based farming systems. At the same time, the increasing demand for food from the urban poor living in megacities needs to be satisfied.

The South Asia team:

  • promotes home gardens and urban/peri-urban vegetable production and marketing for income generation, nutritional security, diet diversification and health
  • promotes good agricultural practices to safely produce vegetables under covered production systems
  • hosts the Center’s legume breeding program, focusing on improved varieties of mungbean and vegetable soybean, with additional work on cowpea and yard-long bean
  • identifies and introduces suitable vegetable lines to share with national partners for distribution


Improving farmer-to-market linkages

Changing farmers' mindsets from “Selling what I produce” to “Producing what I can sell” can double incomes and improve livelihoods in India.

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Revisiting World Vegetable Center activities in Central Asia and the Caucasus will help determine the reach and impact of improved varieties released by countries across the region.


Email address
Ramasamy, SrinivasanActing Regional Director, South / Central Asiasrinivasan.ramasamy(at)
Nair, Ramakrishnan M.Global Plant Breeder - Legumes; Officer-in-Chargeramakrishnan.nair(at)
Spreer, WolframProduction Horticulturistwolfram.spreer(at)
Shaik, RehanaSenior Administrative Officerrehana.shaik(at)
Kotamarthi, NeerajaSenior Finance Officerneeraja.kotamarthi(at)
Mohammed AqilField Attendant
Boddepalli, NareshScientific Officer – Legume Breedingnaresh.boddepalli(at)
Madhava, BinduScientist - Plant Physiologybindu.madhava(at)
Kumar RaviField Attendantravi.kumar(at)
Gadde Lakshmi, BharatField Attendantgl.bharath(at)
Pal, ArshadScientist- Postharvest Specialistarshad.pal(at)
Lakshmi, BharathiTraining Coordinatorbharathi.lakshmi(at)
Bharati Sarkar, LucyScientific Officer - Seed Production lucy.bharatisarkar(at)
Venkatapuram, AparnaSr. Administrative Associateaparna.venkatapuram(at)
MalleshOffice Assistant-
Pandey, Abhay KScientist – Pathologyabhaykumar.pandey(at)
War, Abdul RasheedScientist - Entomologyabdulrasheed.war(at)
Kummari, SrinivasaraoSceintific Officersrinivasarao.kummari(at)
Miriyapalli, Abhilash Communication Officerabhilash.m(at)
Jallipalli, KartheekSceintific Officer - GIC Projectkarteek.jallipalli(at)
Ayodyapuram, Srikanth Reddy Research Technician -WorldVeg-ATGCayodya.srikanth(at)
Kontham, ManjulaResearch Technician - BMZ-GIZ-R-D-P
Buragohain, Priyakshi PhD studentpriyakshi.buragohain(at)
Nagaraju, KumarSite Coordinator - Karnataka Projectkumar.nagaraju(at)
Kumar Pandey, VijoySceintific Officer - CInI
Amarlapudi, PraveenTeam Leader - JOHAR Projectpraveen.amarlapudi(at)
Kaur, DevenderAgronomist/Pathologist  - JOHAR Projectdevender.kaur(at)
Bhoyar, MaheshScientific Officer - JOHAR
Das, BhimTechnical Officer  - JOHAR Projectbhim.das(at)
Bhunia, Manas Kumar Technical Officer  - JOHAR Projectmanaskumar.bhunia(at)
Kumar, BinitTechnical Officer  - JOHAR Projectbinit.kumar(at)
Mahato, Sheela Technical Officer  - JOHAR Projectsheela.mahato(at)
Kumar, Madan Technical Officer  - JOHAR Projectmadan.kumar(at)
Sharma,DeeptiAdministrative Officer  - JOHAR Projectdeepti.sharma(at)
Borthakur, Devajit Project Team Leader - APART Projectdevajit.borthakur(at)
Chakrovorty,Manoshi Horticulturist-Training - APART Projectmanoshi.chakrovorty(at)
Bhaskar, VinaySenior Horticulturist - APART
Acharjee, SouradeepTechnical Officer - APART Projectsouradeep.acharjee(at)
Terangpi, RupmiliTechnical Officer - APART Projectrupmili.terangpi(at)
Goswami, RajkumarTechnical Officer- APART Projectrajkumar.goswami(at)
Das, TwaritaTechnical Officer - APART Projecttwarita.das(at)
Datta, PorismitaTechnical Officer - APART Projectporismita.dutta(at)
Mavlyanova, Ravza (Uzbekistan)Consultantravza.mavlyanova(at)
Saidov, Nurali (Uzbekistan)Consultantnurali.saidov(at)